Investing in Business Development is strategic and critical for the growth of any company, especially in the very challenging environment of the generic pharmaceutical business. It is now very well accepted for companies to outsource their business development activity. Amynepharma strongly believes that with their broad knowledge, they can provide the best impartial problem solution and improvement to customers.



Description services:


  • Amynepharma assess the capacity/capability of the customer: Teams, R/D, Portfolio, manufacturing and markets.
  • Amynepharma establish a customized Plan of Action to maximize the revenue and profitability of the company. This could include:
    • Develop and maintain relationships with potential, new and old clients
    • Identify sales leads and maximize opportunities to increase revenue and profitability.
    • Provide clients with knowledge & skills that increase market access and awareness & sales & profitability.
    • Assessing current value of the portfolio per each active territory, maximize the sales activities by having an aggressive plan.
    • Targeting new territories (analyzing the market, identifying opportunities, plan of action).
    • Selecting sales and marketing partners on specific territories.
    • Increasing Portfolio.
    • Selecting partners with R&D capacity, using specific technology.
    • Optimize API sourcing.
    • IP Services.
    • Setting up local affiliate.
    • To raise financial investment to support the growth/future projects of the client.